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For 30 years Cox Pest Control has been ridding your home and businesses of silverfish. Commitment to our customers and our knowledge of insects indigenous to our service areas have made Cox the silverfish exterminators of choice since 1985.
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How We Treat for Silverfish

If you have silverfish Cox pest control will assess the problem and determine the most effective methods of extermination for your specific problem.

Know the Signs of Silverfish

Most often, homeowners detect silverfish when they notice small pepper like feces. Often found in drawers, between dishes in cupboards, on the floor, or in a sink or bathtub because they like moist humid areas.
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Information About Silverfish

Ctenolepisma lineata is a primitive insect of the order Thysanura. It is generally similar to the closely related Silverfish but can be distinguished by being rather stouter and less shiny with all appendages (antennae and 3 “tails”) noticeably longer. The abdomen is often marked with dark brown lines and the species is sometimes called Four-lined Silverfish.

This species is native to southern Europe but is now found throughout most of the world as an accidental introduction although it is absent from polar and cooler temperate regions (e.g. the British Isles). It is found both indoors and outdoors and can be a nuisance pest.

Recent studies on this species in Europe suggest that there is enough geographical variation to justify splitting into several species. One form which has already been given specific status is Ctenolepisma almeriensis of south-eastern Spain.

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What to do if you see the Signs of Silverfish

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